Vacuum Excavation

  • Do you have other uses for vacuum equipment besides utility locating?

    Yes – we can clear bore hole locations (Air/Knifing) for geo-technical drilling equipment and we can provide trenching capabilities for most needs.

  • How do you determine where to dig test holes?

    We typically lay out all the utilities in your project area and then review conflict points to determine which areas of concern will provide you with the most useful and critical utility information.

  • How deep can you locate utilities?

    We can typically locate utilities up to 15ft deep; however soil and ground moisture conditions in addition to the condition of the utility itself play a big part in our success. We have multiple tools at our disposal to give us the best chance to find the utilities we are looking for.

  • How deep can you dig with vacuum excavation?

    Typically utilities run from 1ft deep to 7ft deep but in some instances a utility may be deeper due to directional drilling or utility congestion. We can test hole to +/- 20ft deep if soil conditions allow.

  • What are the dimensions of a typical test hole?

    The average size test hole we dig for uncovering utilities is typically a 12 inch by 12 inch opening, 3 to 6 feet deep. Sizes may vary due to utility and ground conditions and custom size holes can be requested during the job set up process.

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