• What are sub-surface utilities?

    Sub-surface utilities are buried utiltiy lines, including underground water mains, sewer lines, stormwater pipes, power lines, phone and internet cables, as well as gas lines.

  • What are the advantages of SUE?

    Implementing subsurface utility engineering not only contributes to project safety by reducing the chance of underground utility damage, but it also lowers the cost of utility maintenance, unplanned development redesign, project delays, downtime, and various other unexpected issues.

  • What types of projects benefit from SUE techniques?

    Geophysics, surveying, and civil engineering are all combined in the subsurface utility engineering process. It makes use of a variety of methods, such as surface geophysics and vacuum excavation. These techniques have become a standard requirement for highway development projects, infrastructure and transportation projects, property development and large-scale construction, and city planning.

  • What deliverables can be expected in SUE projects?

    Depending on the project requirements, formats for SUE data can differ significantly. For instance, every municipality has its own CAD standards for utility marking color schemes, line kinds, and annotations. The municipality's quality checker, a piece of software that scans submitted drawings to make sure they meet certain standards, is used to verify conformity.

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