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You have found the home of the premier Utility Locating and SUE service company in the United States! Underground Services, Inc. or SoftDig® for short, can provide highly accurate, safe and economical utility locating services for your engineering design and construction project. In addition to our SoftDig® vacuum excavation for utility test pits, and surface markouts of utilities, we now offer mapping of existing utility lines utilizing CAD and GIS software, GPS-based utility mapping in the field, video pipe inspection services, and concrete floor and wall scanning. We primarily offer our services to professional engineers and architects, government agencies, construction contractors, industrial facility owners, universities and schools, and other complex projects requiring mapping out the locations of existing utilities. Please call us at 1-800-545-1531 for your projects in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic states as well as in Texas!

CAD/GIS/GPS Services

SoftDig® provides high quality utility and infrastructure mapping. Utility and infrastructure mapping is available in a wide variety of GIS products to clients.
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Concrete Scanning

SoftDig® has concrete scanning capability through Mala®. This is different from our regular utility locating GPR in that it can collect 2D and 3D images within a concrete slab or wall to determine the location of embedded conduits as well as embedded structural elements such as rebar and steel mesh.
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SoftDig® provides Geotechnical Drilling, which is a methodology that uses various drilling methods to test rock and/or soil samples to confirm the stability of a structure that is slated to be developed
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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

SoftDig® regularly uses GPR in our SUE Quality Level B projects and is an essential tool for locating many utilities not “visible” to traditional EMT devices such as radio detection and metal detection.
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Precision Trenching

With a fleet of the most powerful Vacuum Excavation trucks on the market, SoftDig® is capable of performing safe trenching excavations via air and vacuum for clearing utilities in congested areas, utility installations or for whatever your needs may be.
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Private Utility Locating

SoftDig® provides private utility locating services, (as opposed to the 811 One Call Services available in each State). Our services are performed on all types of property – public and private, not just in the public right-of-way.
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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

SoftDig® is a SUE provider and we have licensed professional engineers to certify performed to the ASCE Standard 38-02 as required on certain projects.
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Vacuum Excavation Services

SoftDig® fields a fleet of powerful Vacmasters and Excavac vac trucks that have a flexible capability to dig test holes (or pot holes) to a maximum depth of 20’, depending on soil conditions.
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Video Pipe Imaging

SoftDig® provides utility pipe and conduit location and investigation through an advanced video pipe imaging system by Radio Detection®. This allows us to visually investigate the inside condition of utility lines through any access point.
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