Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Can GPR predict the size of a void cavity below ground?

    GPR allows our team to visualize where the void is occurring and identify its boundaries. However, we are no able to determine the depth of a void cavity using GPR.

  • Can you use GPR to scan vertical surfaces or ceilings?

    Of course! GPR is often used to identify the location of rebar in concrete columns and walls.

  • How does GPR equipment work?

    1. Tiny energy pulses are sent into materials using an antenna.
    2. The time and energy it takes for that pulse to return is recorded by a computer.
    3. Any variations in subsurface materials create reflections. Those reflections are detected by the computer.

    Usually, the cause of subsurface reflections include geological structure difference, pipes, and wires.

  • How deep can GPR go to locate targets?

    That depends on the material that we're surveying and the antenna frequency being used. Generally, lower frequency antennas will go further, but you'll sacrifice resolution.

    If you're working in dry soil conditions, you're also more likely to get better resolution, as opposed to heavy soil which creates difficulty.

  • Can GPR be used through water?

    GPR can be used through fresh water, but not salt water.

  • Can GPR be used through ice?

    We're glad you asked! Believe it or not, ice and snow offer some of the best conditions under which to operate GPR.

  • Can I use my cell phone when working with GPR equipment?

    Because GPR uses electromagnetic energy over a very wide frequency band, it's recommended that you turn off your cell phone. This is because cell phones transmit the same energy which may interfere with a survey. If you do have to keep you cell phone on during a survey, you should keep it at least 10-20 feet away from the antenna.

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