Vacuum excavation is an innovative process for digging around utilities and critical facilities. We use precision removal of subsurface materials for the purpose of exposing utilities to obtain accurate and definitive data while avoiding damage to existing facilities. High pressure air is used to aerate subsurface materials in order to loosen them and allow the vacuum to take them to the holding tank on the truck. In this way the soils can be separated from the utilities without causing scrapes and punctures in the structures. This process can be very valuable when used in combination with drilling activities whether they be for environmental purposes or directional drilling. When performing drilling projects for environmental testing or well installation vacuum excavation can be used to safely pilot past utility depths to allow smooth, confident operation of geo-probes and drill rigs. When a project calls for the use of directional drilling work vacuum excavation can be used to expose utilities in a given path so that the safety and integrity of the facilities can be visually ensured while the drill is in the ground. Once the pipe is successfully pulled through all the utilities can be reburied and patched with confidence. Every step to promote safety and mitigate risk is important when performing these daily tasks with heavy equipment. Using vacuum excavation gives you the confidence that your work can be performed safely and without loss.

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