Good housekeeping is an important part of every workspace. Keeping areas clear of superfluous work tools and equipment leaves more room for maneuverability and the reduced risk of damaging materials and objects associated with the job site. Maintaining tools in good, clean, working order ensures they will be ready to perform the job needed when the work calls for it. A broken or misplaced tool can lead to the misuse of another tool in its place. The wrong tool for the job is unsafe and can cause injury. Slips, trips, and falls can be avoided by keeping floor and walkways clear of tools and debris. While we use our vacuum excavation trucks it is important to keep a clear area for proper footing. Loose soil and rocks around the test hole can cause falls and injuries during operations. Inspect trucks prior the leaving the shop to be sure all equipment is in good working order and that your tools include a broom to keep your work area neat.


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